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Do you use practice based evidence in your clinical work? In this episode of The Talking DLD Podcast, we’re talking with Celine & Rosie, speech pathologists from Western Sydney Speech Pathology about therapy planning and how to build practice based evidence into your work. Find out more about block therapy, group therapy, intentional breaks and planning therapy in this episode.

About Celine Lowe Pascual | Director, Western Sydney Speech Pathology

Celine is the practice owner of Western Sydney Speech Pathology, a small private practice in Blacktown. She has been working clinically in private practice for over 10 years. In addition to working in Blacktown, Celine also completed a two-year tenure at Lithgow District Hospital where she gained experience in working in a diverse allied health team. 

Over the years, Celine has been involved in advocating for people with communication disabilities. In 2014, she was invited to speak at the Senate Enquiry into Speech Language Communication and Speech Pathology Services at Parliament House in Sydney. She has also led local initiatives to raise awareness about communication delays in the Blacktown community by engaging local stakeholders such as Blacktown City Council and the Blacktown Rotary Club.

While Celine does do a lot of “business stuff”, her passion lies in developing and delivering quality speech pathology services for her community. She works closely with Rosie to train and support their team to develop unique, evidence-based services that are responsive to the needs of our clients and community.

About Dr. Rosie Hodges

Rosie is a speech pathologist with over 10 years clinical experience across a variety of settings including private practice, school-based, and not-for-profit services. In 2016, she completed her PhD at The University of Sydney on the speech and language skills of late talking toddlers. Since then, she has continued to engage in research on developmental and acquired communication disorders in children. Currently, Rosie is working with a team of researchers to pilot an intervention for late talkers focused on accelerating both their speech and vocabulary development.

Clinically, Rosie works 3-days a week at Western Sydney Speech Pathology in Blacktown, NSW. She maintains a small early intervention caseload, provides supervision to the team, and works closely with business partner, Celine, to develop and evaluate services and projects.

Rosie is passionate about evidence-based practice and practice-based evidence in speech pathology. She regularly provides professional development within the profession via workshops, conferences, and mentoring. She is also a strong advocate for raising awareness of communication difficulties within the community, particularly in early childhood education.

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