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Have you just received a Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) diagnosis and are now wondering what it means for your family? Or are you a therapist or educator looking to sharpen your skills and understanding of DLD? Our expert trainers have decades of experience working directly with people with DLD to empower them to thrive. Our training is evidence-based and practical to ensure you can apply your learnings in various settings. We provide pre-recorded online courses, in addition, to live interactive workshops that you can access online or in person. See our latest training opportunities below.

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Diagnosing DLD with Confidence will also be offered on Saturday 2nd November 2024 from 9am – 1:30pm. Find out more and book your place HERE.

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International DLD Research Conference Keynote Series

DLD Training for Educators

FREE ONLINE COURSE: The What is Language? + What is DLD? course has been created to give teachers and families a brief overview of language and Developmental Language Disorder (DLD). It provides a starting point for conversations and more in depth exploration of language and DLD, a hidden but common disability that affects two children in the average classroom of 30 students


The Linking Language with Secondary School Learning (LINK-S) Program is an evidence-based professionally collaborative approach to supporting secondary school students with Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) and other language-based learning difficulties.

DLD can have a significant impact on a student’s ability to experience academic success, autonomy and relationships with others. This bespoke program has been purposefully designed for primary classroom teachers and offers both on demand and real-time online learning. This program combines current research with functional strategies to support primary school-aged students with DLD.

Registrations for this course will open again soon.

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