DLD Resources for families

'Get To Know Me' Editable Template

Helping the people supporting your child with DLD to understand them and their unique needs in various settings is difficult. This is why we have created this FREE resource to support you to connect with educators, therapists and the wider community to advocate for your child.

It can be printed as a double-sided A4. One side allows you to provide information about your child including their goals and needs and on the other side it has important information for professionals on DLD and where they can go for more information.

This file is an editable PDF ready for you to personalise and print or save and email. Unfortunately, we have not been able to create an easy way to add your child’s image to the template. You may need to stick one to the form or you can try uploading the template into PDFescape which will help you add an image.

Questions to ask your speech pathologist

We’ve heard from families that finding the right speech pathologist to work with their family can seem like a daunting task.  In this handy tip sheet we provide you with a list of questions to ask your speech pathologist to set you both up for success. These questions have been prepared by a speech pathologist so don’t be afraid to head into your next appointment with this list. Setting expectations on how you will work together is the best way to ensure you get the most out of your investment in speech therapy for your child.

Advocating for Your Child at School


Constantly advocating for a child with DLD can be exhausting especially during those weeks where you feel like things are not progressing and you don’t understand why. Here is our quick advocacy guide helping you to be a proactive, knowledgeable and confident advocate for your child. Conflict handled well can lead to innovation and collaboration.