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A Parent’s Journey to a Successful DLD NDIS Application

" Be strong. Make the phone calls. Be persistent. They may think you're annoying, I personally didn't care because I was doing this for my children and advocating for my kids. Have fun trying to stop me!"

In Episode 5 of The Talking DLD Podcast we speak with Nadia, Mum to two boys with DLD from Western Australia.

Nadia has successfully supported her children to gain access to the NDIS. Throughout the podcast Nadia will discuss:

  1. The types of information she included with her application
  2. The professional help she tapped into to help complete her application
  3. The examples she gave to demonstrate the ‘functional impacts’ DLD was having on her family
  4. The step by step process from application to utilising funding

Once you’ve listened to Episode 5 we highly recommend reading our blog post titled DLD & The NDIS: A Practical Guide for Families and tuning into Episode 3 of The Talking DLD Podcast. Find both resources here.

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