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Information for Families

Information for families

Navigating a DLD diagnosis can be overwhelming. We’ve compiled a list of key organisations working in DLD and journal articles to help build your knowledge and understanding of DLD.

Resources for Families

What questions should you ask a speech pathologist? What’s the best way to collaborate with educators? How do you help people understand your child’s individual needs in relation to DLD? Get answers here.

Training for Families

They say knowledge is power. Our expert team has decades of experience working with people with DLD and they’re busy creating training materials to help empower you to become an informed DLD advocate.

Information for Educators

Identifying the two children with DLD in the average classroom can be challenging especially when we’re still learning more about DLD every day. We’ve compiled a list of key organisations and journal articles to help you build your knowledge and understanding of DLD.

Resources for Educators

Students using digital tablet while teacher interacting with students in classroom at school

COMING SOON – Are you in need of materials to better support students with DLD in the classroom? We’d really love to hear your thoughts on what you need most. In the meantime you’ll find awareness materials here to get you started on raising the profile of DLD at your setting.

Training for Educators

COMING SOON! What type of training would you love to have as an educator supporting people with DLD? Our expert team have plenty of knowledge to share and would love to know what skills you want to develop. Complete our comments form at this link to share your ideas.

Information for Therapists

Supporting families through a DLD diagnosis can be challenging especially when we’re still learning more about DLD every day. We’ve compiled a list of key organisations and journal articles to help build your knowledge of DLD.

Resources for Therapists

COMING SOON! We’re working to launch materials to support you when working with people with DLD and their families. Watch this space! In the meantime we have a great DLD awareness flyer your can access via this page.

Training for Therapists

Speech therapy activities

They say knowledge is power. Our expert team has decades of experience working with people with DLD and they’ve created training materials to help empower you to expand your skills.

Language disorder

1 in 14 Australians have a hidden but common condition (disability) called Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) and they feel invisible. This condition was previously identified by many labels, including, Specific Language Impairment, Language Disorder, Language Impairment and Language Learning Impairment.

Imagine sitting in a classroom unable to understand what is being said but being expected to achieve equally alongside your peers. Welcome to the life of the two children in the average classroom who are faced with this reality every day. Limited awareness of DLD amongst educators, health professionals and the general public means these children are being overlooked and the lifelong impact can be devastating. This is tragic because with the right supports people with DLD can thrive!

1 in 14 Speech Bubble


Have you just recieved a DLD diagnosis and wondering what it means for your family? Or are you a therapist or educator looking to sharpen your skills and understanding of DLD? Our expert trainers have decades of experience working directly with people with DLD to empower them to thrive. Our training is evidence-based and practical to ensure you can apply your learnings in various settings. We provide pre-recorded online courses, in addition, to live interactive workshops that you can access online or in person. See our latest training opportunities below.

upcoming workshops

Little boy with DLD

DLD + Co-occurring Conditions

‘Developmental Language Disorder’ is known to impact on language development, but rarely occurs in isolation.  In fact, people with DLD are likely to also have difficulties with attention, reading, speech and emotional regulation.  This webinar has been designed to help educators and health professionals consider different areas of need for people with DLD.

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Diagnosing DLD with Confidence Online Workshop 2

Diagnosing Developmental Language Disorder with Confidence

‘Developmental Language Disorder’ (DLD) is the nationally and internationally accepted term to describe difficulties acquiring language for no known reason.  However, clinicians are reporting a lack of confidence using this new terminology in their day-to-day work. This online workshop has been specifically designed to support clinicians in private practice, education and health with embedding current research into the realities of their clinical practice.

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Are you looking for the most up to date information on DLD from qualified experts? Interested in hearing from families who have worked through a DLD diagnosis and gone on to see their child succeed? Well, you’ve come to the right place! The Talking DLD Podcast features special guests from qualified Developmental Language Disorder experts to incredible families who open their hearts and share their journey with us. You can listen online to our podcast 24/7 from anywhere in the world. See our latest episodes below.

Developmental language disorder awareness day

Friday 16th of October 2020


What have you got planned for DLD Awareness Day 2020? This years theme is #DLDSeeMe. The DLD Project Co-Founders are both members of the Raising Awareness of Language Disorder (RADLD) International Committee and are very passionate about raising awareness of DLD globally. We can’t do it alone and need your help! 

DLD Awareness Day


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