The DLD Project Foundation is currently fundraising to bring the DLD Together program to Australia!

Support for people with DLD

‘DLD Together’ is an initiative started by Afasic and NAPLIC in the UK to support families to know more about DLD and improve access to information. It is believed that well informed and well supported families are essential for children and young people with DLD to reach their full potential. Each program is run by a qualified speech pathologist who will support 10 families across 7 weeks.

The DLD Together Program supports families:

  • To understand about DLD and how it applies to their child
  • To develop an understanding of the child’s individual language profile
  • To develop strategies to support the child at home
  • To learn how they can support their child’s learning
  • To meet other families of children with DLD

Keep an eye on this page for updates on when this exciting program will be available in Australia.