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Thank you for being here! It's time to unite and take action!

1 in 14 Australians have a hidden disability called Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) and they feel invisible. Please choose at least one of the following ways to join the ‘What about DLD?’ national campaign.

ACTION 1: Sign our pETITION TO THE ndis

Sign our CHANGE.ORG petition to The Hon. Bill Shorten, Minister for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) calling for fair and equitable access to the NDIS for people with DLD.


If you’re not afraid to ask the HARD questions then our new campaign merch is for you! Our What About DLD advocacy tee will help you put DLD on the agenda and raise awareness that 1 in 14 people have Developmental Language Disorder (DLD). Get your hands on the awesome campaign shirt while stocks last!

If you would like to order a ‘What About DLD’ tee please email us at connect@TheDLDProject.com.

ACTION 3: Become a DLD Ally

You’ve probably heard about autism and dyslexia but how about DLD? With 1 in 14 people having DLD, it is time we talk more about this hidden but common lifelong condition. Access our DLD Fact Sheet and Evidence Brief to grow your understanding of DLD.

ACTION 4: Share your story

We need to hear, collect and share the stories of people with DLD and their advocates in Australia. One our BIGGEST advocacy issues is that we sadly DO NOT have a bank of stories of people with DLD who are willing to share their stories publicly. This makes it appear as though people with DLD do not exist and we know this isn’t the case. If they can’t see us, they won’t fight for us. It is that simple! If you would like to share your story (please do!) complete the online form below.

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