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Delivering a diagnosis of DLD using the SPICES Framework

Have you ever wondered if there is an evidence-based way to effectively disclose a diagnosis of Developmental Language Disorder (DLD)? Well, there is! Dr Jeanne Tighe and Dr Mahchid Namazi’s SPICES framework provides a fantastic guide featuring six steps on how to disclose a diagnosis of Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) to caregivers. In this VLOG, the amazing Dr Jeanne Tighe walks us through the SPICES model!

  1. Setup the conversation
  2. Address the caregivers’ perceptions
  3. Inform
  4. Connect the caregivers with the next step
  5. Empathise and Extend
  6. Strategise and Summarise

Read the SPICES: Disclosure Practices to Help Caregivers Digest a Diagnosis of Developmental Language Disorder paper HERE.

Our friends at The Informed SLP have written a brilliant blog walking clinicians through how to apply SPICES. Read it HERE.

Additionally, Dr Tighe has developed a FREE guide to DLD for parents and families that we highly recommend. Find it HERE.

Access our DLD Fact Sheet HERE to help your families connect with the next step. We also offer a FREE 30 minute understanding a DLD diagnosis video for families available HERE. You may recommend for the person with DLD, their family and their educators to complete our FREE What is Language + What is DLD short course now available on demand at this link.

Other connection points may include The Talking DLD Podcast where families can hear the voices of people with DLD and of course, RADLD is a great resource. For our USA and Canadian friends be sure to head to DLDandMe.

Once families have worked through the diagnosis, they may wish to get involved in DLD research. We highly encourage this and suggest you connect them up with Engage-DLD.

Have you implemented the SPICES framework into your practise? We’d love to hear more in the comments.

About Dr Jeanne Tighe

Jeanne Tighe is a Speech-Language Pathologist and Board Certified Specialist in Child Language. She is the owner and Clinical Director of Beyond Communication, a private practice serving children with communication and learning needs located in Lambertville, New Jersey. Jeanne earned her Speech Language Pathology Doctorate degree from Kean University, in which DLD was her area of research focus. She is a proud founding member of the USA branch of Raising Awareness of Developmental Language Disorder and has been a contributor to Jeanne also serves as a topic area expert on literacy for The Informed SLP and an adjunct professor in the undergraduate and masters SLP programs at Kean University. Jeanne can be reached at

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