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A Paediatrician’s Perspective on Developmental Language Disorder

Have you ever wondered how a paediatrician can support a person with Developmental Language Disorder (DLD)? In this episode of The Talking DLD Podcast we’re talking with Dr Tommy Tran, paediatrician and Co-Founder of Paeds in a Pod.

Throughout the episode we discuss the level of awareness of DLD amongst paediatricians, how to find a suitable paediatrician and the ways a paediatrician can support a person with DLD to access Medicare and NDIS support.

Note: If you are preparing to see a paediatrician due to concerns relating to communication, Dr Tran recommends bringing results from a hearing test and vision screen. If your child is at school, you can also bring along a report card and/or NAPLAN results. Reports from speech pathologists are also very helpful to have.

About Dr Tommy Tran

Dr Tommy Tran graduated with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy with first class honours in 2001 and a Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery with first class honours in 2005. He conducted his paediatric training predominantly at the Mater hospital in Brisbane and the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. 

He completed a fellowship year in Paediatric Respiratory and Sleep medicine before being awarded his FRACP in General Paediatrics in 2012. He co-founded Paeds in a Pod in 2013 after seeing the need to improve collaboration between Paediatricians and Allied health clinicians for children with developmental differences.

He is a member of the Neurobehavioural Paediatric Society of Australia (NBPSA), the Australasian Telehealth Society and Fellow of the Royal Australian College of Physicians. Outside of medicine, Dr Tran is kept busy by his love of running and his young family.

Resources discussed in this episode

Learn more about DLD

You’ve probably heard about autism and dyslexia but how about Developmental Language Disorder (DLD)? With 1 in 14 people having DLD, it is time we talk more about this hidden but common lifelong condition.

DLD causes difficulties with speaking and understanding for no known reason. There are serious and long-term impacts, as it puts children at greater risk of failing at school and struggling with mental health and future employment.  The biggest challenge with DLD is you can’t tell by looking at a person that they have DLD and therefore, DLD individuals often get overlooked for support. 

People with Developmental Language Disorder can be as different as you and I. However, it is important to know that with the right supports, DLD individuals can thrive!

Find out more about DLD HERE.

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