International DLD Research Conference 2021


IDLDRC Overview

IDLDRC is an international, virtual event that was held on 20-22 September, 2021 (#IDLDRC), providing a platform to share research about Developmental Language Disorder (DLD).  The conference addressed the roadblocks to sharing the learning and insights that sit in the hands of a few, but could potentially change the lives of people with DLD.

From Evidence to Impact

IDLDRC 2021 features three outstanding keynotes and more than 70 research presentations. 

IDLDRC will be held virtually via asynchronous and synchronous events. All presentations will be pre-recorded so they can be viewed any time during your access period to IDLDRC (asynchronous). The presentations will be released day-by-day, as per the conference program, but will then remain available online for you to watch at a later date or review. Access packages are available for 1 month access ($50AUD) or 12 month access ($80AUD).

The best part? Profits from the conference will go to funding a 2022 Research Grant to further research into Developmental Language Disorder! The DLD Research Grant has been announced as $15,000 with more details to come.

Majority World Countries or Developing Countries

Attendees from Majority World Countries or Developing Communities are invited to apply for a fully funded conference access plan provided by The DLD Project. Click here for further information on how to apply.

Select your IDLDRC Access Pass

At the request of delegates, we are offering two access options for IDLDRC 2021 – 1 month or 12 months extended access. Select one of the options below to secure your access to the outstanding research presented at IDLDRC.

IDLDRC Ticket – 1 month Access

access until 23 October 2021 12:00 am

IDLDRC Ticket – 12 months Extended Access

access until 23 September 2022 12:00 am