S1E02 – The Changing Face of DLD in Australia

S1E02 – The Changing Face of DLD in Australia

Professor Sheena Reilly AM is our special guest talking about the changing face of DLD in Australia. Sheena is Pro-Vice Chancellor (Health) at Griffith University.

Prof. Reilly is a Member of the Order of Australia in recognition of her 30+ years contributing extensively towards understanding speech, language, and literacy development in children.

She has more than 200 publications under her name and her insights into DLD are invaluable in episode 2 of our podcast.

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  1. Anna

    I agree about the individualised approach comment. I have a teenager with DLD, (formerly server specific language disorder, which has been extremely hard to communicate the issues to education providers, teachers to amend workload, including learning and support units) who does not wish to use text to speech interventions in the education setting (due to bullying but also because it doesn’t help with compreshion) and finds “help” overwhelming because it doesn’t seem to be the right support for him atm. Hearing more variety in empowering stories from people living with DLD and how to make people aware of the issues and their own advocation and positive exploration of their own supports instead of having things that don’t fit pushed on them. Listening to the young person but also giving them somewhere safe to explore the options before “talking” to them is critical. No point asking them what would help, if they don’t know?

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