S1E03 – DLD & the NDIS

S1E03 – DLD & the NDIS

This could be game-changing for Australian DLD families! If you’ve had challenges securing NDIS funding you can not miss Episode 3 of The Talking DLD Podcast! Listen to a very practical walk-through of how to apply for the NDIS with special guest Erin West, NDIS & Practice Advisor for Speech Pathology Australia.

Erin knows what it takes to get an application approved by the NDIS and she will step you through how to make it happen for you or a person with DLD in your care.

Thank you Erin for sharing your expertise with us. This is why we created The DLD Project. To connect DLD experts and advocates with families, educators and therapists so we can make lives better today!

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  1. Nikki

    Could you provide the key age indicators document link discussed in this podcast

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