IDLDRC Day 1 | Sep 20 2021

IDLDRC Day 1 | Sep 20 2021

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Welcome to IDLDRC 2021 – let the learning begin!

Welcome to Day 1 of the 1st International DLD Research Conference (IDLDRC).

House Keeping

IDLDRC is a completely virtual event. Conference content for each day has been built as a ‘course’ of presentations (lessons) for delegates to work through daily.

Therefore, each new day of the conference you will need to head back to the conference dashboard and click into the relevant ‘course’ for that date.

We have an exciting day planned for you!

The day 1 line-up features an exciting opening session including the Acknowledgment of Country by Uncle Willie Prince, a message from IDLDRC Platinum Sponsor The Informed SLP and Associate Professor Suze Leitao’s keynote presentation.

This is followed by 22 research presentations, 1 Keynote LIVE Q&A + a LIVE drop in session with RADLD. See more details for each section below.

Day 1 Themes

  • Advocacy & Awareness | 7 pre-recorded presentations (Approx. 1 hour & 45 mins to complete)
  • Multilingualism | 2 pre-recorded presentations (Approx. 30 mins to complete)
  • Language Learning | 10 pre-recorded presentations (Approx. 2 hours & 30 mins to complete)
  • Cognition | 3 pre-recorded presentations (Approx. 45 mins to complete)

Keynote Details | Associate Professor Suze Leitão

  • Inferences | The invisible armour that safeguards our children from lifelong challenges in communication, reading and school.

    Many children with Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) can struggle with letter-sound knowledge and understanding language. Both are critical skills in reading for meaning! Explicit learning of letter-sounds can occur through a systematic synthetic approach to phonics, however families often tell us that supporting their child’s understanding of what’s happening in the story can be tricky. So […]

Associate Professor Suze Leitão Q&A

This LIVE event has now passed. The recording has been uploaded to the ‘Opening Session’ below.

RADLD Live Drop in Session

This LIVE event has now passed. The recording has been uploaded to the ‘Opening Session’ below.

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Thank you! Have a fantastic first day at IDLDRC growing your knowledge of Developmental Language Disorder.

Opening Session

Advocacy & Awareness 


Language Learning


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