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IDLDRC 2023 Day 3 – Wednesday 13th September

Welcome to the final day of IDLDRC 2023! Wow! Already, we find ourselves attending the FINAL day of this important global event for the DLD community. Thank you for your efforts to progress to this point in the program. Your commitment to growing your knowledge and understanding of Developmental Language Disorder is commended. Thank you!

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IDLDRC is a completely virtual event. Conference content for each day has been built as a ‘course’ of presentations (lessons) for delegates to work through daily. Therefore, each new day of the conference you will need to head back to the conference dashboard and click into the relevant ‘course’ for that date.

Each day at 9am Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST), the day’s presentations will be released to the IDLDRC online learning platform as follows: 

Day 1 Launch – Monday 11 Sept 2023, 9am AEST 

Day 2 Launch – Tuesday 12 Sept 2023, 9am AEST 

Day 3 Launch – Wednesday 13 Sept 2023, 9am AEST

To convert the above to your local date and time use this website and enter Brisbane, Australia:

Going out on a high!

Day 3 is all about intervention, social emotional and research translation! First up, we have Dr Rouzana Komesidou’s Keynote: Bridging Research and Practice for Developmental Language Disorder: Lessons from Implementation Science. Then you are free to explore 6 research presentations from across the globe.

New in 2023! Tune into two exciting new panel discussions today:

  • Panel 1: Knowledge Translation with the Developmental Language Disorder Community – Presented by Emily Jackson & Loretta Gasparini.
  • Panel 2: The Perspectives of People with DLD & their Families on Participating in Research – Facilitated by Shaun Ziegenfusz. Special guests include Erin Palmer & Juliana Hirn.

We will close out IDLDRC 2023 with a special closing session and LIVE Q&A with Dr Rouzana Komesidou from 7:00pm – 8:00pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST).

Day 3 Themes

InterventionSocial Emotional
2 pre-recorded presentations (Approx. 30 mins to complete)4 pre-recorded presentations (Approx. 1 hour to complete)

keynote details | DR ROUZANA KOMESIDOU

IDLDRC Keynote Dr Rouzana Komesidou



There is an immense gap between what we know from research and what happens in educational and clinical practice, leading to delays and inefficiencies in service delivery, inequities, and poor outcomes in people with developmental language disorder. Implementation science aims to address this gap by promoting the systematic uptake of evidence-based practices in routine settings.

My keynote presentation will focus on important lessons from implementation science, such as designing research studies with implementation in mind, understanding educational and clinical contexts, and building capacity for local ownership. Implementation science holds great promise for transforming systems worldwide and supporting access to services that meet the needs and expectations of people with Developmental Language Disorder.


Dr. Rouzana Komesidou is an implementation scientist, a consultant, and the founder of Mosinian Research & Consultancy, located in Cyprus. Her research aims to create the necessary conditions to implement and sustain evidence-based practices for children with communication disorders, including developmental language disorder. 

She has published in the areas of early screening, language intervention, interprofessional collaboration, and implementation science. As a consultant, she helps clients around the world use implementation science to improve the quality of educational and clinical services. 

Dr. Komesidou has recently created Action for DLD, a community-based initiative that seeks to raise awareness and educate about DLD in Cyprus and Greece. You can connect with her via her website ( or social media @rkomesidou.



This event has now passed. However, you can watch the recording in the Closing Session video at the end of the Day 3 schedule.


Panel 1: Knowledge Translation with the Developmental Language Disorder CommunityPresented by Emily Jackson & Loretta Gasparini

Panel 2: The Perspectives of People with DLD & their Families on Participating in Research – Facilitated by Shaun Ziegenfusz. Special guests include Erin Palmer (speech pathologist and parent of a child with DLD) and Juliana Hirn (speech pathologist and person with DLD).

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Thank you! Have a fantastic final day of learning at IDLDRC 2023!

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Social Emotional

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