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IDLDRC 2023 Day 1 – Monday 11th September

Welcome to IDLDRC 2023 – let the learning begin!

The day has finally arrived! Thank you for joining us for this important global event. IDLDRC 2023 is brought to you by our Platinum Sponsor Fremantle Speech Pathology Services.

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IDLDRC is a completely virtual event. Conference content for each day has been built as a ‘course’ of presentations (lessons) for delegates to work through daily. Therefore, each new day of the conference you will need to head back to the conference dashboard and click into the relevant ‘course’ for that date.

Each day at 9am Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST), the day’s presentations will be released to the IDLDRC online learning platform as follows: 

Day 1 Launch – Monday 11 Sept 2023, 9am AEST 

Day 2 Launch – Tuesday 12 Sept 2023, 9am AEST 

Day 3 Launch – Wednesday 13 Sept 2023, 9am AEST

To convert the above to your local date and time use this website and enter Brisbane, Australia:

We have an exciting day planned for you!

The Day 1 line-up features an exciting opening session including a special message from Dr Elizabeth Hill, recipient of the 2023 IDLDRC Research Grant and Professor Tricia Eadie’s Keynote.

This is followed by 14 research presentations and Professor Eadie’s LIVE Q&A. See more details for each section below.

Day 1 Themes

Advocacy & AwarenessEarly ChildhoodIdentification Language Learning
2 pre-recorded presentations (Approx. 30 mins to complete)2 pre-recorded presentations (Approx. 30 mins to complete)2 pre-recorded presentations (Approx. 30 mins to complete)8 pre-recorded presentations (Approx. 2 hours to complete)

Keynote Details | Professor Tricia EadiE

IDLDRC Keynote Professor Eadie



When children start school, they come with vastly different learning experiences, influenced by their early home environment, the community in which they live, and the early childhood education and care programs they have participated in. The evidence regarding these early developmental differences provides a comprehensive set of factors that both contribute to early language vulnerability and the potential targets for tailored early interventions.

Connected and collaborative health, community, and early childhood education services embedded in communities, provide the best model for equity of access to all children, wherever they live and whatever their circumstances.

In this presentation Professor Eadie will i) discuss the importance of continuous, collaborative, and cumulative surveillance to document individual and contextual factors that impact children’s language development; and ii) provide evidence of the high-quality early childhood learning experiences that have a significant impact on children’s language learning, particularly in the very early years and especially for vulnerable children.


Professor Tricia Eadie is the Director of the REEaCh Centre (Research in Effective Education in Early Childhood) in the Graduate School of Education at the University of Melbourne. Tricia’s research is characterised by multi‐disciplinary efforts to understand young children’s developmental pathways during preschool through to school and the evidence‐based learning experiences and interactions which most influence children’s outcomes.

Tricia has been a Chief Investigator with the Early Language in Victoria Study since its inception in 2003 and is leading the current ELVS project focused on transition from school and post-education outcomes. Tricia has led longitudinal projects that cross the boundaries of education and health with a focus on universal interventions which enable optimal outcomes for all children irrespective of their circumstances. This research has contributed to understanding the role early childhood education can play in addressing equity gaps in Australian communities.

Professor tRICIA eadie LIVE Q&A

This event has now passed. You can find the recording in the Day 1 Opening Session videos.

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Thank you! Have a fantastic first day at IDLDRC growing your knowledge of Developmental Language Disorder.

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Opening Session

Advocacy & Awareness 

Early Childhood


Language Learning

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